Excited Molecule

We explore novel electronic properties of molecules in their excited-states. Our research objective are to address our continuing questions of how, why, and what if,
in relevance to electronic actions of photofunctional molecules, and to apply them into useful platforms. Recent research interests include the development of
molecular labels and sensors for bioimaging and photoredox catalysis, the research fields that require strong knowledge about broad research fields,
including molecular photophycis, organic chemistry, and coordination chemistry. We believe that our research is at the forefront of the borderlines between
engineering and basic science. We apply a range of research methods of

1) quantum chemical calculations based on DFT/TD-DFT,
2) synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry,
3) analytical chemistry,
4) steady-state and transient photophysics/photoelectronics,
5) electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical techniques, and
6) biological applications.

For more details of researches, see Publications.