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글쓴이 YouLab 작성일 2015-09-03 23:38:57

Hyeokseon Kwon and Seung Eun Lee stayed at YouLab as UROP students.

Hyeokseon Kwon performed a variety of cell experiments for two months (July & August 2015) using EJ1 as a dual-functional molecule that generates and detects singlet oxygen in vitro.

Seung Eun Lee helped the cell experiments, and also carried out metal ion sensing studies of a fluorescent BODIPY-based probe.  She stayed YouLab for one month (August 2015).

In particular, their works have been submitted to Chem. Commun, and we are waiting for the result of the submission.

All the YouLab members have been VERY HAPPY to have Heokseon and Seung Eun.

Farewell, Heokseon and Seung Eun. 

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